Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jelly Weekend Just Got A Tiny Bit Awesomer

Warm weather is here and the girls have been spending lots and lots of time outside.  Those sweet little babies playing their little made up games out there in "God's world", as they call the outdoors, is such a beautiful sight!

When they aren't outside their next favorite thing is doing "projects".   That means coloring and cutting and glueing to their hearts' content.  The very day Sissy finally convinced me that she was big enough to have the scissors without my supervision this happened.

Eight inches off of her hair in what felt like less than a minute alone with the scissors.  And it came off a significant enough portion of her hair that rest was going to have to follow suit.  She cried and cried heartbreaking tears of remorse when I told we needed to go get the rest of her hair cut off too.  It was pretty pitiful.  I finally realized that she thought I meant cut off all of it - all the way to baldness - and that she had no idea hair grows back.  I would cry too if I thought that was my fate.  Once I told her we just going to get her a cute, albeit much shorter, haircut and that one day her long hair would grow back she was ready for the adventure.

The stylist as Snip Its did a great job!  Somehow when she was done Sissy looked more like Sissy than she ever had before.  A girl with as much sass as Sissy needed a sassy little bob!

Afton finished her first season of soccer with five goals in her last game.  She is a little hustler and she takes the game seriously!  We were a little surprised how well she took to it but not surprised at all how much fun we had cheering for her.  The only thing she needs to work on before next season is not stealing the ball from her own teammates.

This is my new bike.  I requested it after Ron's bike computer showed that he had burned 1000 calories after riding the bike for only an hour.  Sure he rode up and over Paris Mountain probably super fast and I just puddle along on my trainer while watching episodes of Magnum PI so I am probably a long way from this calorie burn rate but still at least I am active again after months of being too pregnancy sick to do any kind of exercising other that climbing the stairs when absolutely necessary.

Grandpa came for a visit and we had lots of fun with him!  He definitely has three little fans around here!

He bought each of the bigger girls a Leapster which is their first real electronic toy.  They have already brought them hours of amusement and I see some much more peaceful car rides in our future!

It was Afton's turn to go on a trip with Mommy to Oklahoma to help out Nana.

We were still at the Greenville Spartanburg Airport when she found the perfect gift to bring back for Rose.

She sure is a fun travel buddy!

No trip to Nana's is complete without a trip to Kohls.  Afton stayed right by Nana's side!

Back at the house she had spent most of her time cracking up at Papa's silly antics.

At Yaya's house it was craft time.

Followed by a little dance time.

Even though she was having lots of fun her mind was never far from her sisters.

The second day at Nana's we had the honor of introducing her to Chipotle!  She enjoyed it, but Papa just kept saying "This burrito is bigger than my mouth.  I don't know how to eat this."

Daddy sent us a text message on Sunday morning to show us what a good job he had done dressing the other girls for church all by himself.  Very impressive indeed!

These three were very happy to be back together when we got off the plane!  And, yes, that is the crinkled metal decor of Chipotle.  Where else did you think we would head after a five hour flight?

Afton had her first school play.  She performed the Reformation Polka along with her classmates and the children from the K5 class.  It was adorable.  My pictures and video footage leave lots to be desired.    But do yourself a favor and YouTube Reformation Polka and picture is being sung by fifteen or so four and five year olds all dressed in medieval garb and you will have an idea of the precious hilarity we partook in that night.  The rest of the Living History Fair put on by her school was surprisingly entertaining and impressive indeed.  We continue to be so thankful for Afton's wonderful school!  She loves it too!

And lastly we finally upgraded to a four hole toaster!  Jelly Weekend just got a tiny bit awesomer!