Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It Will Not Always Be So ~ Our Story

 This week's Our Story is dedicated to things that won't aways be as they are now.

Newspapers won't always lay a trail for me to find my way from my kitchen to the living room.  They often do nowadays and uncooly I often find it bothersome until by grace I remember that it will not always be so and then I can see just how precious these little paths really are.

Envelopes looking just like this one have been adding joy to our mailbox trips for more than six years now.  Soon Netflix envelopes will change. I am not as sentimental as I was when I was younger but if you think I didn't save this envelope in my attic to remember the good old days you don't know me well at all.

My children won't always eagerly bring me  handfulls of dead leaves as if they were flowers and insist that I display them prominently in our home, but I do pray that they will always find a similar delight in simple, predictable pleasures like the changing of the seasons.

 Rose is a year and a half old now.  By the time her sisters were her age one was already a big sister and the other was only weeks away from becoming one.  They were big, big girls.  No one around here is ready for "our special baby" to become a big girl yet.  She has got four people living here who are more than happy to baby baby baby her.  But even that is not keeping her a baby.  She is growing up before our eyes whether any of us want to admit it or not.  Baby Rose won't always be a baby, but she is our baby and that is something that won't ever change.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Normal But Normal Just The Same ~ Our Story

I love how when big changes come into life (in our case recently Afton starting school) and disrupt your normal, they inevitable leave a new normal in its place.  I love how eventually the new normal starts to feel so normal that it is hard to believe it was ever new at all.  We had a pretty normal week.  New normal but normal just the same.

Long, but fun commute to school.

After school "activities".  Call anything an activity and my kids will LOVE it.

Ballet.  Even more fun when it is Bring A Friend Day!  The most fun of all when the friend you bring is your cousin!

Just another coffee set up tweak.  Definitely a part of all my normal weeks lately.

A little silly sister time.

Pretty little faces.

Princess time.

Napping in the car.

Party time!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

But It's Not Today ~ Our Story

Now that Afton goes to school and Rose is getting big enough to have some fun we have a burgeoning set of besties around here.

Priceless little faces.

The commute to school has been problematic in regard to Rose's nap.  She snoozes in the car and then when it is actually nap time she is ready to party.  If someone had told me ahead of time that this was how my baby would be spending the precious nap time hours I would have burst into tears.  But actually she makes good company and I don't mind at all.  First half hour or so she chills on the couch and watches Praise Baby.

She spends the next hour and a half getting into one-year-old mischief wherever she can find it!  I have gone soft, but being a softy is kinda fun!

My adorable little school girl!

We went to Florida for a wedding this weekend.  Florida's not too shabby.  Marry someone from Florida and trips home can look like this!

The original Babington Besties.  May this be the first of many coffee dates for these little friends.

On the drive back from Florida I downloaded Instagram.  I can't stop myself now!

Rose's first "blood nose."  She's a bruiser.

Our new water bottles.  (Just another excuse to use Instagram.  I need help.)

It is fun watching this little friendship blossom!

I am sure a day will come when I don't want to take of picture of her every single day before school, but it's not today and I don't think it is anytime soon.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday Best ~ Our Story

I have fallen behind on my phone picture posts. I want to catch up so I am going to try to keep it to a couple of words a picture.

 Morning naps are hard to leave behind!

Best totem pole I've ever seen!

First hair cute.  She loved the pampering.

Sunday best.

Monday best.

It's official.  I love Cattie, too.

One last full length feature film of summer.

Mommy is overcoming her fears.

Tomatillos.  Who knew?
Shopping buddies.

Ballet girl!

My little heaven.

Sissy's little heaven.

School kid!!

Nap striker.

My beautiful helper!

Seven years, no itch!

Apple pickin'.

Playroom picnic!