Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lots More Fun on the Way

Half the summer has passed since my last update so another catch up is in order.  Here is what we have been up to so far this summer.

Now that we are a school family our summer starts with end of school year activities.  First there was a very sweet Mother's Day program in Afton's class.  Definitely made for the best Mother's Day I have had so far.

Then a few days later they had an end of year party that included siblings.  I love that Afton and Sissy are holding hands in this picture.

Afton had a great year in K4 with her sweet teacher Mrs. Godwin!

The first project of summer was to turn our guest room into a bedroom for Afton and Baby Winnie to share.  Here is phase one of that project.  Phase Two would be painting the walls a color more appropriate for two little girls but that would have to wait until later in the summer.

While we were at it we decided to give Ponder and Rose's room a little sprucing up as well!

Ponder learned to buckle her own car seat belt early in the summer and we celebrated at Yogurt Mountian.  Definitely an occasion for wearing pearls!

 We busted out the backyard pool!

Dozens and dozens of dandelion bouquets have been picked!

And the girls had the their first of many clover necklaces.

We made a quick trip to Florida to celebrate Ashleigh's high school graduation.

Sissy had her long awaited "Big Performance"!

She is the second from the left.

That very night we left for our family mini vacation to Myrtle Beach.  It was such a fun time that we are definitely going to make it an end of the school year tradition.

Rosie started working on learning to go potty like a big girl.  All signs point to this being a long, long process.

We said goodbye to an old friend.

Mommy kept getting bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER!

Bubba stopped by for one day.

We had a weekend away at Topsail Beach with the rest of the Babington clan!

The highlight of which was the family Olympics!

A little strawberry fun was had!

We supported the OKC Thunder every chance we got.  Yes, that is my favorite pregnancy outfit.  I don't think I would have made it through four pregnancies without Ron's USA sweatpants.  Too bad it is way too hot for this outfit now and I still have more than a month to go.

The girls started running in the the Greenville Track Club's little kids track meets on Tuesday nights.  They love it!

They also inherited a beloved family toy.  "House" is definitely the most popular activity around here these days.

Monday this summer has meant Splash Club with friends.  Thanks to their new life jackets Mommy is able to relax and and have some fun too!  Don't worry.  I don't don't relax too much.  I am just not a water psycho anymore which is definitely a move in the right direction.

We went to Florida for a family vacation at Yaya's condo!

That meant cousin time with Scout!

What a true friend!

The only sad part of the trip was watching the Thunder's season end.  At least we got to watch with a room full of Okies!

When we got back it was time to put the final touches on Afton and Winnie's room!

And start getting everything ready for school to start right after the baby comes.  We will have a new school girl this year when Sissy starts K4!

It sure has been a fun first half of summer for these little fire crackers!

The second half of summer holds a birthday, a trip to Charlottesville, the Olympics and of course meeting their new baby sister so there is definitely lots more fun on the way!