Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Kind of Information I Can Use.

Found out some things I didn't know or hadn't thought of recently. One is if you leave your shower curtain open after you take a shower for long enough to let it dry less mold will grow in your shower and your bathroom will smell fresher. Now this is the kind of information I can use! Maybe everyone else already knew that but I didn't. Makes sense though. Just make sure to close it later or you will get mold on your shower liner.

Also, if you need help knowing how to make sweet tea and everyone you ask makes it seem like an unknowable mystery then just go to It is pretty simple really.

Another one is if you need a warm compress a disposable diaper will work great. Just pour hot water into one and hold it on the spot that needs it. The water can even be infused with whatever kind of healing herbs you want! I put all of our outgrown newborn diapers in the medicine cabinet to use in times of need. Works great for mastitis or other nursing issues.

Cabbage on the affected area knocks out mastitis as good as an antibiotic. Email me if you want more details.

Like I said this is the kind of information I can use.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Ponder Sissy!

1. She answers more quickly to Sissy than to Ponder.
2. She thinks for herself.
3. You can't make Sissy do anything Sissy doesn't want to do.
4. She loves to snuggle.
5. She prefers juice, but will drink water out of her "watoo boddool."
6. Her skin is probably the softest surface on the planet.
7. "I wuv you."
8. "I baseball."
9. "I go back to church. NO! I go back to school."
10. She has the most adorable version of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame." You will probably never hear it though because she won't give command performances. (See #3.)
11. Like her sister Afton she loves Sleeping Beauty. She likes to pretend she is "MannyWetter" the blue fairy. (Merryweather.)
12. She can sing every word to the Sleeping Beauty song "Once Upon A Dream" and has been able to sing it all since she was just over one year old. She could sing that entire song before she was even really talking.
13. She loves to play with Afton. Just follows her around and giggles her heart out.
14. From the first moment she laid eyes on baby Rose she was smitten. She calls her Rosie. She sounds so cute when she says it I think I am going to let it stick.
15. She is fearless.
15. She is very independent.
16. She is no good after nap until she has been snuggled for at least five minutes. "Hold you." And what a delicious five minutes they are.
17. She loves her small baby doll named "Tiny Sister."
18. She also loves her bigger baby doll named "Boy."
19. She knows and understands a lot more than she lets on. Every now and then I catch her being smarter than she wants me to think she is.
20. She removed the lighting and music piece from inside her Glow Worm and uses it as a "lantern". (See #19)
21. We call her our little engineer. (See #20)
22. We think she is going to be a lefty. (See #21)
23. We have yet to find a form of discipline that deters her from anything she has her heart set on doing. Thankfully, we still have prayer.
24. She is ridiculously cute in pig tails.
25. You'll probably never see her wearing them though because she won't leave them in. (See #3)
26. She loves silly games.
27. She loves listening to "my songs" in the car.
28. Holy Holy Holy is her favorite song.
29. She calls all balls basketballs and she loves them.
30. She can already drink out of a big girl cup and sits in a big girl chair at the table.
31. She is heartbroken at the indignity of having her food cut into bite size pieces. She cries and cries and moans "Like a big girl! Like a big girl!"
32. She has a lot of nicknames. Peanut, Sweet P, Putter Butter but "Ponder Sissy" is what Afton has been calling her since she was about five months old and that is by far her most widely used nickname. Sissy doesn't seem like a nickname at all anymore. That is just who she is.
33. "I Sissy!"
34. She loves princesses.
35. "Sissy, are you a princess?" "No! I orange."
36. You have to earn her smile, but when you do it is a smile that will melt your heart.
37. She loves her princess potty Daddy got her. "I did it! Gwate job!"
38. She can build a serious "cackle"with legos and blocks. (Castle.)
39. Her favorite toy to date is a small yellow strip of plastic named "Stripe."
40. She loves Wilson the dog next door.
41. She is not easily impressed.
42. She can sit and turn the pages of books for hours.
43. She is perfectly happy to play all by herself.
44. She likes taking things apart and putting them back together. (See #21.)
45. She likes things to be just so.
46. She calls all clothing "jammies".
47. She loves all shoes and can walk quite well in adult shoes. Even boots.
48. Her favorite book is "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" and she knows most of it by heart. She calls it "Tip Toe".
49. When Afton asks her when she will be done with a certain toy she always says very confidently "Five."
50. We can already tell that is going to be an athlete.

51. She will climb anything. (See # 15)
52. She can balance like nobody's business.
53. Still, I know it is just a matter of time until she falls down all of our stairs.
54. At the beginning of the summer she was terrified of water and swimming, now she can't get enough.
55. She is lost without Afton.
56. She loves riding on Daddy's shoulders.
57. She gets carsick just like Mommy.
58. She loves dressing up.
59. She turns purple when she eats or gets cold. Pretty crazy really.
60. She likes to ask Rose "You naughty? You nice? You a boy? You a girl?"
61. "I fight you!"
62. "And then....and then....and then."
63. "Thas rude!"
64. She has best lion roar I have ever heard!
65. She has an iron will.
66. She is not easily impressed.
67. "I no like it."
69. She likes to be with her people.
70. She has been finding a way to tip over her car seat since she was an infant.
71. She doesn't like help going to the potty.
72. She doesn't like help with pretty much anything.
73. "No, I help!"
74. She likes to help others though.
75. She loves to push the button on the coffee pot in the mornings.
76. She loves Woody (also called "Toy Movie) and Buzz Lightyear (also called "Buzz Light").
77. She is a watcher and a listener.
78. She loves buckling and unbuckling any kind of buckle.
79. She loves coloring on the walls. If she can't do it with crayons she will do it with painted blocks or something like that.
80. She likes Little Einsteins.
81. She loves animals.
83. She loves pointing at things and telling you what they are.
84. She doesn't really like snow, grass, or sand.
85. She loves balloons.
86. She is our pickiest eater. We used to have to put a little bit of orange juice in her milk to get her to drink it. Yuck!
87. She is a quick and quiet learner.
88. She claps her hands to tell you she wants something.
89. When we are eating at Chipotle she starts off using a fork but usually resorts to finishing her burrito bowl with her fingers.
90. She can make a pretty big mess when she is eating but it will all be on her hands and face and the table and floor. Her clothes seem to always make it out unscathed.
91. "It's not easy being Sissy." and "That's just Sissy being Sissy." have become common phrases around here to describe life with Sissy.
92. Lately when she sees Rose she points at her and says, "Mommy, what's that? That Rosie Posie."
93. "Right, Mommy?"
94. When we are in the car and I smile at her in the rear view mirror she melts into one of the cutest smiles I have ever seen. It never fails.
95. It may not be easy being Sissy, but she does a great job at it.
96. She has also done a great job at capturing all our hearts.
97. She makes each of our lives richer and more beautiful. So happy God chose to add her to our family.
98. She is one of the sweetest blessings He has ever given us.
99. Happy Birthday Ponder Sissy! Can't believe we have only known you for two years.
100. Looking forward to many more years of seeing you grow in grace and beauty and just spending everyday watching Sissy being Sissy.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Systems were made for man, not man for systems.

Now that Ron works from home (Yeah, he works from home now. It's been a pretty eventful three months since we last spoke.) the pathetic lunches I had been making aren't going to work. I mean they weren't that pathetic for a one and two year old which is who was eating them, but they simply won't do for a grown man. What have I been eating all this time? Spaghetti. I have eaten spaghetti pretty much everyday for lunch for the last three years. Weird? A little. But I like spaghetti and eating it after my kids were asleep while catching up on the news was sublime. Eating spaghetti for lunch everyday would probably be a lot less sublime for my husband. So, now that he eats with us (which we are LOVING) I have started a new lunch regime. I had no intention of getting to the most hectic time of my day and then having to scramble to figure out what I could make for lunch for an entire family. I also had no intention of getting the least bit fancy with cooking right in the middle (and most hectic part) of the day. So I came up with an old fashioned rotation of simple lunches. The way I always envision people in the fifties did with dinner. "Oh, it's Tuesday. It's spaghetti night!" Don't tell Ron I got the idea from the fifties. He hates the fifties. Anyway here is my rotation:

Monday ~ Peanut butter sandwiches
Tuesday ~ English muffin pizzas
Wednesday ~ Wraps
Thursday ~ Grilled Cheese
Friday ~ Turkey Sandwiches.

Okay, they are still a little pathetic, but I am getting no complaints. I have such peace of mind not having to think something up everyday. Wednesday is the only day I will get the least bit fancy. I want to try a new wrap recipe every week. Until winter comes and then I will switch Wednesdays to soup. So, what kinda wrap did we have today on Wednesday? We didn't. We had English muffin pizzas. Systems were made for man, not man for systems.