Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What More Could I Ask For

from Ron Babington to Jenny-Lynn Babington
date Jan 23, 2008 5:22 PM
subject: The Plan
5:22 PM

k, then here's the deal:

1) I come home, kiss and hug

2) We say "hello"

3) I take afton out for errands, or
a) we all three go out for errands

4) Sams/ tires, Wal-Mart formula and long liners, Target butt paste

5) Pick up large pepperoni pizza from pizza hut for Idol and Liar

6) Enjoy the same


Judy Kay said...

sounds like a great night to me!

Mary Lindsey and Chris said...

So sweet! That's our kind of evening!

Remember that time we all went to Pizza Hut together in college (with Ron... the first time I met him), and I discovered that I really do not like stuffed crust pizza, but you and Tassey loved that stuff! :-) haha!

What good times...

Misty said...

Jenny-Lynn, I've recently discovered your blog and oh how it makes me smile. :) I agree with the other comments, definitely my kind of night.