Friday, April 11, 2008

101 Things I Admire/Appreciate About My Husband

Ron Babington

1. He once spent the last $12 dollars we had in our checking account to buy me fancy J. Crew flip flops.

2. He always, always, always assumes the best of people.

3. He calls himself a perfectionist, but mercy is his strong suit.

4. He likes to think.

5. He works hard to put others at ease.

6. He honestly pursues excellence in all he does.

7. He does what is right without ever drawing attention to himself.

8. He is wise with money.

9. He loves kits and I think that is adorable.

10. His passwords are adorable.

11. He is good to others.

12. He is ravenous about learning.

13. He bears with me.

14. Children adore him because he knows how to have fun with them.

15. He has an opinion.

16. He loves discussion.

17. He knows how to deny himself.

18. If I were more like him I would be more like Christ.

19. He isn't afraid of hard work.

20. He likes my cooking.

21. He is patient with me.

22. He will help anyone in need.

23. He doesn't write people off.

24. He will admit when he is wrong.

25. He is fun to hang out with.

26. We both hate the same foods.

27. We both love milk.

28. He loves our daughter with all his heart.

29. He cares about me.

30. He is merciful with me.

31. He learns everything he possibly can about the things he is interested in.

32. He tries to make things easier for those around him.

33. He goes the extra mile.

34. He spoils me in his own sweet way.

35. He misses me when I go out of town.

36. He plans little surprises for me for weeks in advance.

37. He aims to please.

38. He *never* really complains. (Is that even possible?)

39. He is good to his nieces and nephews.

40. He is kind to my family.

41. He knows what is funny and what isn't.

42. He doesn't give up.

43. I know if he set his mind to it he could climb Mt. Everest. He might be surprised to know that I really admire that about him.

44. He gets involved.

45. He is not selfish with his time.

46. He tries hard to see other people's points of view.

47. One of his favorite words is "charitable" and I think that describes him perfectly.

48. His vocabulary.

49. His smile.

50. His kindness wrinkles and the kindness that caused them.

51. He does not influence me to evil.

52. He brings out the best in me.

53. His eye lashes.

54. How much I want my sons to be like their father.

55. Knowing our daughters will always be secure in his love.

56. How much he loves having a beard.

57. His polished manner of speaking.

58. His eagerness.

59. His caution.

60. His kindness to strangers.

61. His ability to make friends.

62. His evangelical heart.

63. His willingness to question the status quo.

64. How much fun it is to what T.V. and movies with him. I used to hate watching movies until I started watching them with him.

65. How much fun it is to travel with him. Same scenario as above!

66. I know I can trust him completely.

67. He once biked across town to bring me eye drops at work.

68. He once brought me home a half gallon of milk during the middle of his work day.

69. He always sneaks me pizza and bagels when they have them at his work.

70. He is kind to my friends.

71. He is respectful to service personnel.

72. He does what he has to do without grumbling.

73. He takes time for people.

74. He absolutely does not hold grudges.

75. He got be to actually love sports.

76. I learn from him all the time.

77. He buys books we can go through together has a family.

78. He always has New Year's Resolutions.

79. He has the purest heart I have even known. It is hard for someone to know you really well and still you think you have a pure heart. I know him really well and I still think he has a pure heart.

80. He forgives easily.

81. He proudly wears the scarf I made him.

82. His is not easily influenced to go against what he knows is right.

83. He has firm convictions.

84. His warmth of heart.

85. His humility.

86. He appreciates fine things, but doesn't need them to enjoy life.

87. He enjoys life.

88. He takes care of things for me.

89. He is not easily spooked.

90. He is stable and dependable.

91. He is always trying to better himself.

92. He is anything but a downer.

93. He is very generous.

94. He is not a fool.

95. He puts up with a lot from me.

96. He tries to always ease my burden.

97. He loves books.

98. He is a very good neighbor/tenant.

99. He is my most tangible reminder that God really, really loves me and hears my prayers.

100. I know there is absolutely nothing he wouldn't do for me.

101. He is the best husband I have ever even heard of.

Ron Babington


Super Maw Maw said...

He is also the best son I have ever heard of.

H3@th3r said...

This is the best list I've ever read. So real & sincere. It blesses me to know a husband is so good to his wife. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful husband you have. I am sure that you bring these wonderful things out of him too. I enjoyed reading the list!