Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Whole World in His Hands

Tomorrow my sweet husband leaves the country for a three week long business trip to India and Pakistan. That means that for the next three weeks Afton and I will be without our greatest source of earthly joy. I know other women and babies have had to do without their men for much longer and in much more dangerous situations. My heart truly goes out to them. Knowing that, though, makes me feel his absence no less.

I, also, know and firmly believe that God has the whole world squarely, securely in his hands - India, Pakistan, outer space. No Christian will ever wander outside his all-loving, all-knowing, all-powerful sovereignty. No place is too far, too high, too unstable, or too remote for God to protect his people. This I know and this I believe and this is my sleep granting peace. Still, it is hard for my not worry about Ron's safety and to let my mind wander to worse case scenarios. It is hard to let the dearest thing in the world to me out of my sight and out of my reach for so long.

So this post is just a plea for your prayers, dear friends. Pray for my Ronny. Pray that God will bring him back to me safely. Pray that the days will fly by like seconds. Pray that little Ponder will stay put in my womb until her daddy gets back. Pray that Afton won't miss her daddy too sadly but, that in some sweet way her little heart will grow in even more love for him while he is gone. Pray that Ron and I will be reminded afresh of our love for one another and that the fondness that absence brings us will erase any pettiness that has been born of our familiarity. Pray that I will learn anew to trust God and God alone with the most important things in my life. Pray that He would fill my heart with peace.

Three weeks with my husband in the Eastern Hemisphere. A small concern, even embarrassing to mention, compared with the trials of so many. But it is my present reality. One I dare not face without the gracious aid of my Lord. And so I ask for your prayers. Pray that God will bring him back to me safely. Pray that the days will fly by like seconds. Pray...


Aubin said...

I will be praying for you guys. I would be having the same thoughts as you are and yet completely stand with you on the sovereignty of God. We'll be praying for you, Afton, Ron and little Ponder. Be safe on your trips--do you come through KS at all?!

Super Maw Maw said...

Ron's mum dittos all of these precious thoughts. We all stand in the need of prayer......without ceasing......always and forever.
God is good, all the time.

floridapets said...

Hey there, Jenny. I am Shelley Zingerella, John's wife, a friend of the Babington family. My husband, about 5 months ago, announced that he would be going to trucking school. This was to pay the bills. He had been home for the past few years 24/7 working the home business with us. It was failing due to ....God.
Trucking school was 3 weeks, but was home every evening. Then, he was employed by TMC trucking out of Columbia. Their orientation began with a 12 day outing and he was not home. Then, he was off with a trainer driving the truck for 5 weeks. We saw him every 2 weeks for a day and 1/2. Since he's gotten his "own" truck he is gone all week (M-F) and home Fri night through Sun afternoon. I've been careful (most of the time!) to read the Word and pray. Also, before he left, I thought about what we could plan for everyday to look forward to and work toward so that we would not think about Daddy. We have something every day. I am careful to keep on a routine so that the girls know how the week is to go. Also, the Lord provided a friend to come over weekly and "help" during the beginning of all this. Furthermore, one of the "Days" is fun day where we make a day of getting together with friends or inviting friends over. Jenny, the routine, the "Days", the Word, remembering Created to be His Helpmeet, and having a book to read have all been immeasurably helpful to me. John will continue to be with TMC for another 2 years unless God opens a door and pushes us through. You can do this. Lots of love, Shelley