Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Child

Though my mom is very good to remind that no matter how big she seems compared to Ponder she is still very much a baby, Afton seems more and more like a child everyday. She will always be my baby, but with every tick of the clock she is becoming more and more my little girl as well. She is sleeping in her big girl bed full time now and some time early next week she will get her first roommate. (Fingers crossed.) Before I know it Ponder will become a little girl too and the late night giggles of sisters will fill our hall and be music to our ears.

Afton's New Roommate


Everything Homemade said...

i have had the same thing happen with abigail, with only 16 mos between them i have to try and not make abigail grow up too fast. she was still a baby when naomi was born, and i try and remember to let her go at her own pace. we didnt put the girls in the same room, but i could only keep naomi in our room for maybe 5 weeks...i needed my sleep. but it is crazy how all of a sudden they get used to soo much more noise than ever before. i cant wait to hear the giggles too, it will be such a sweet relationship.

adamandcourtney said...

How sweet. My girls' whispers in the night are so precious to me. A reminder of my own sisters, and a longing for their relationship to grow. I love it!!

Enjoy those babies. Adam reminded me the other day that Honor's time at home with us is almost 1/3 of the way over. Yikes!

Super Maw Maw said...

They are BOTH precious baby girls.