Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Invincible Territory

A friend of mine shared this quote on Facebook today. I have no idea if it is from a book or a sermon or what. All I know is it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear and it is EXACTLY what I need the Holy Spirit to work into my heart today. Sometimes conviction reaches up and smacks my hand pretty hard and I all I can say is "Yes, Sir!" I call that feeling "getting in trouble". I kinda love that feeling. I mean no one likes getting in trouble but it sure does feel better than hanging out in sinful grumpiness. For those of you who know what I mean about liking the feeling of "getting in trouble" and who maybe, like me, have been a little too focused on your own needs or your boundaries, if you will, all I can say is enjoy:

"If you get angry, upset and irritated and then blame it on your circumstances, you're deceiving yourself. The problem isn't your circumstances. The problem is the preoccupation of your mind that you're important, that your rights matter, that your territory is invincible." John MacArthur


Lis said...

from John MacArthur's The Qualities of True Love - Part 3

jlee said...

yes, SIR!
thanks for sharing, jenny!

Teri said...

Youch! I'll need that this week. (Thanks for posting your blog at Femina! Fun!)

Mommee said...

You always did love John MacArthur ... even when you were a little girl. Do you remember seeing him in person at Thomas Road? You were like 2nd grade and you listened to him in a state that was far more mature than your years!