Saturday, March 13, 2010


I have always been a little shy. Afton is not. She is not afraid to talk to strangers. She strikes up conversations with them all the time. Of course they usually think she is precious and I just smile. Lately, however, her comments have sometimes taken an inappropriate and, yes, embarrassing turn. Especially embarrassing for a shyish Mommy who doesn't make it a habit to talk to strangers. Here is an example from today. It took place in a very small waiting area where everyone could hear every word she said.

A: Mommy, can I get out of the stroller.
J: No, baby, this isn't a good place little ones to be running around. Just stay right there. We are almost done.
A: I wanna get out and go sit by that lady. (Points at a lady.)
A: Is she a nice lady?
J: Yes, she is a nice lady.
A: (Points at another lady.) But that lady is a naughty lady?
J: ( Mortified.) No, she is a nice lady.
A: No, Mommy, she is a naughty lady. Look at her hair!

At this point I got up and pushed the stroller over to Daddy and tried to recover. What kind of hair did the lady have? I know you are wondering. Perfectly normal old lady hair. Nothing the least bit naughty about it.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! One time my nephew ran off from me at a wrestling match. Adam caught up to him and told him he had to stay by us, and Dante said, "'Cause I could get taken by a stranger, like that guy?" pointing to the guy next to us.

Yes, exactly.

bethany said...

HILARIOUS!! I would have loved to see the expression on the "naughty" ladies face. And YOUR face!sur

Super Maw Maw said...

I'm sorry....I think she's like her Maw Maw :)

Everything Homemade said...

i havent really had this happen yet i guess because abigail is the oldest and she can be shy...but i remember aubin telling me one time when zoe was asking her if the person checking them out was a boy or a girl? then aubin said zoe if you have a question you need to whisper it to mommy, then zoe said very loudly...why do i need to whisper my questions to you mommy? fun times, great memories.

Judy Kay said...

Oh, my gracious. She is so funny.