Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Systems were made for man, not man for systems.

Now that Ron works from home (Yeah, he works from home now. It's been a pretty eventful three months since we last spoke.) the pathetic lunches I had been making aren't going to work. I mean they weren't that pathetic for a one and two year old which is who was eating them, but they simply won't do for a grown man. What have I been eating all this time? Spaghetti. I have eaten spaghetti pretty much everyday for lunch for the last three years. Weird? A little. But I like spaghetti and eating it after my kids were asleep while catching up on the news was sublime. Eating spaghetti for lunch everyday would probably be a lot less sublime for my husband. So, now that he eats with us (which we are LOVING) I have started a new lunch regime. I had no intention of getting to the most hectic time of my day and then having to scramble to figure out what I could make for lunch for an entire family. I also had no intention of getting the least bit fancy with cooking right in the middle (and most hectic part) of the day. So I came up with an old fashioned rotation of simple lunches. The way I always envision people in the fifties did with dinner. "Oh, it's Tuesday. It's spaghetti night!" Don't tell Ron I got the idea from the fifties. He hates the fifties. Anyway here is my rotation:

Monday ~ Peanut butter sandwiches
Tuesday ~ English muffin pizzas
Wednesday ~ Wraps
Thursday ~ Grilled Cheese
Friday ~ Turkey Sandwiches.

Okay, they are still a little pathetic, but I am getting no complaints. I have such peace of mind not having to think something up everyday. Wednesday is the only day I will get the least bit fancy. I want to try a new wrap recipe every week. Until winter comes and then I will switch Wednesdays to soup. So, what kinda wrap did we have today on Wednesday? We didn't. We had English muffin pizzas. Systems were made for man, not man for systems.


bethany said...

you're back!!! I've missed your blog! The lunch menu looks yummy=)

Martha said...

YEAH! I'm glad you are back too. What a great idea, I get stuck in a rut on lunches too, it is usually PB&J or grilled cheese or chicken nuggets, I like your idea of haveing a rotating menu though. PS. Who could hate the 50s :)

Super Maw Maw said...

I think it looks great. And WHY does Ron hate the 50's. They were GREAT....I loved the 50's!!!!

Tim said...


I was just telling Kyle a story about 20 minutes ago from when my old pastor and his wife first got married (not quite in the 50s, but close). She had a dinner menu rotation which included cauliflower and cheese every Thursday night. Pastor Hughes wasn't a huge fan of that (rightly so), so he asked Mrs. Hughes if they could please not have cauliflower and cheese every Thursday. She said that was fine and promptly started serving it on Tuesdays!