Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Kind of Information I Can Use.

Found out some things I didn't know or hadn't thought of recently. One is if you leave your shower curtain open after you take a shower for long enough to let it dry less mold will grow in your shower and your bathroom will smell fresher. Now this is the kind of information I can use! Maybe everyone else already knew that but I didn't. Makes sense though. Just make sure to close it later or you will get mold on your shower liner.

Also, if you need help knowing how to make sweet tea and everyone you ask makes it seem like an unknowable mystery then just go to It is pretty simple really.

Another one is if you need a warm compress a disposable diaper will work great. Just pour hot water into one and hold it on the spot that needs it. The water can even be infused with whatever kind of healing herbs you want! I put all of our outgrown newborn diapers in the medicine cabinet to use in times of need. Works great for mastitis or other nursing issues.

Cabbage on the affected area knocks out mastitis as good as an antibiotic. Email me if you want more details.

Like I said this is the kind of information I can use.


bethany said...

I like the shower idea!

You can also fill newborn diaper with ice and it makes an awesome ice pack. Just open one end, stuff with ice and tape it shut. My labor and delivery nurses did this after C's birth for the "Affected" areas and it was the best ice pack I've ever had!

Everything Homemade said...

hmmm...i always close the shower curtain thinking it will help with less mold. but i will try leaving it open for a bit. also we use cloth shower liners. they dont seem like liners but they are and you can just pull them off and throw them in the washing machine and wash them with bleach and they come back super white again!

Ashley Raven said...

Those are great ideas! Always helpful. Keep them coming :)