Friday, January 14, 2011

I Love That Story.

Sissy loves telling stories. They all follow this exact formula:
Once upon a time there was beautiful (pronounced "byoo-ful") princess named {insert name here i.e. Ariel, Jasmine, Afton, Ponder, Jessie, Veggie Tales}. She was very beautiful but she was not mean or foolish. And you know what happened? I don't know! And that's the end.
I love that story. It never ever gets old.

Speaking of Veggies Tales Afton recently approached me about something I could tell she had been thinking about for a while. "Mommy, Larry and Bob kinda look like food. Is that crazy?"

I had to be honest and say "Yeah, it kinda is."

These girls make me laugh.

It's a lot of fun living in a castle full of byoo-ful princesses. And that's the end.


Martha said...

ahh, how sweet

Anonymous said...

LOVE this! And they really are booo-ti-ful princesses! I adore their dresses!

Beth Walker

Judy Kay said...

I love that Afton thought she might be alone in thinking that Bob and Larry looked like food. : )
Those girls crack me up.

Super Maw Maw said...

Princesses for sure!! Love those little dolls.

Misty said...