Friday, January 28, 2011

Where I Am From

My friend Martha made me do this. I wish I saw her more often so I could still call her Marth Brooks like I used to when we were young and we could still sing country songs super loud together. I could use some fun like that in my life. She has a precious blog called 50 Sticky Fingers which is the best blog name ever in my opinion. Anyway her post today told me to do this and I decided to listen to her. I will let her explain exactly what it is I am doing here. It was a pretty fun diversion. I hope you'll try it too and if you do I hope you will leave me a comment letting me know where I can read about where you are from.

Where I Am From

I am from a round dinette table and four chairs with white metal backs, from Kool Aid and love.

I am from the dark, cool living room with Little House on the Prairie turned on.

I am from an Aloe Vera plant making boo boos better and the morning after a storm.

I am from pizza on the coffee table and stubbornness, from McCoys and Andersons and Braggs.

I am from excitement first and thinking later and fierce loyalty and shyness.

From who loves you baby and accidents happen.

I am from the church altar and going forward at the invitation..

I'm from Oklahoma, fried Chicken and Wacky cake.

From Dad bringing me chocolate milk everyday after Kindergarten, playing at Mom's office while she worked, and Master Lee's Karate center.

I am from a park in Virginia, Make A Wish day, good grades are important but not as important as love.

From family being all that mattered.


Rachel said...

great blog! nice to look back at where you're from!

Martha said...

OH Jenny-Lynn I loved it! Thanks for the shout out to my blog too!

Nesser said...

Funny-I've found something I could relate to in everyone's post. We used Aloe Vera too. Mom had a plant she kept going forever. Boy that thing looked rough sometime- probably proportionately to the condition of our knees and elbows! Good poem!

normu said...

JennyLynn! Thanks for posting this. I did one that is not as good as yours, but thought you might want to see. Also, I love the way you write. Just thought I'd let you know that.

normu said...

Not sure if my previous comment posted, but just in case it didn't.

Thank you for posting this! I did one, too. Yours is better. Mostly because I love the way you write!