Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Story - 4.29.11

It is not often that the most exciting event of my week happens less than an hour into Monday morning but that is just the way it went this week. At 12:53 AM this Monday I had the honor and privilege of seeing this angelic little boy enter the world. Meet my newest little nephew:

I was smitten at first sight. I am pretty sure everyone else in the room felt the same. I know one little picture of this adorable child is not enough so you can find more here and then come back and hear about the rest of my week. Or don't. I assure you nothing else remotely that amazing happened. Let's see what did happen? Well...

Sissy continued to love Cattie with all her fiery little heart. Often a little too vigorously for Cattie's liking.
A castle or two was built then destroyed.

The yard was played in.

I arranged my iPhone apps.

We got new tires.

Sissy happened. She always does.

Ron enjoyed the Royal Wedding.

Our sweet baby Rose had her first real illness. Just a little bout with croup but still so sad for a Mommy.

Sweet tea was brewed. The least I can do for the man who does so much for me.

And the sand box was filled.

The week started out with a new life, the most wondrous everyday miracle of them all, and was filled with all the little sweet nothings that make life what it is. A precious, precious gift


Denise said...

I love the picture blogs, it's great! I love that you call Ponder "Sissy." I have an Aunt Sissy, real name Sharon. My Uncle Daryn, who is about a year older than her, couldnt's say Sharon, so called her Sister, which then turned into Sissy. No one in our family even remembers that her name is Sharon. I also love that your playset has a mailbox. Keep this going, please!

Ashley Raven said...

Haha do I even want to know what was in Sissy's hair?!? Didn't think so. Miss those sweet girls of yours....and you...and Ronaldo of course!

mamakyker said...

Sissy "happening" and Ron enjoying the Royal Wedding cracked me up. And I agree, that was a great way to start a Monday (after 12:43, that is).