Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Brace Yourself - Our Story

Brace yourself. It's been an eventful while since my last Our Story post. Here we go:

I got these new lunch baskets and I am so excited about them! That's all.

After waiting all spring the time for Afton's "Big Performance" finally came. She got to stay up from nap on the day of the dress rehearsal so Mommy would have time to practice the required hair and makeup. A little over the top for a four year old but she loved the pampering. I tried to focus on how excited she was instead of thinking about how "Toddlers and Tiaras" I felt about the the whole thing.

Precious baby girl pooped out in the car on the way to rehearsal.

She was pretty much the tiniest one there. The place was out of control with preciousness.

The next day just two hours before the recital she spiked a high fever. So sad. She begged and begged me to let her go. The doctor said it was up to me. I wasn't sure what to do but Ron was. There was no he was going to make her miss the most anticipated event of her life so far!

The show must go on!

She performed through her illness like a true professional and was so proud of herself and even more proud of the little trophy she got at the end.

Next morning we had to leave for Bubba and Ashley's wedding at 4:15 AM. When we arrived at the airport it was apparent that Sissy had succumbed to the Great Summer Fever of 2011. So pitiful.

Security threat in Oklahoma City kept us in the terminal for an extra five hours. Yikes. Ron became somewhat of a hero when he busted out his lap top and turned on a movie for all the kids around us. Maybe people would have been less enthusiastic if they knew both of our kids had temperatures of 102. Or maybe not. Parents were getting pretty desperate.

One of our new terminal friends carrying Ponder out when we were finally released.

We finally made it to Holdenville, Oklahoma. What a lovely little town! The girls perked up when the saw the beautiful dresses they would be wearing in the wedding. They felt so special to be included. They have been excited about Ashley and Bubba's wedding for months now!

The were also delighted to be reunited with their cousin Scout. These three little ones used to spend every other weekend together. That was back when Scout was the size of Sissy in this picture and my girls were....well, babies. It kinda hit me that they aren't babies so much anymore when I saw these little cuties sitting on the couch together chatting like teenagers. I can still see all three of them running and giggling around my apartment together and it feels like yesterday.

Wedding day! It was a beautiful wedding. Exquisite really. A very touching ceremony. And the reception was a P-A-R-T-Y. Haven't had that much fun in a while. You will have to take my word for it though since the only pictures I have are of us waiting for it to start. I really need to work on that!

After the wedding we were off to Tulsa to spend sometime with Nana. She greeted us in classic Nana style!

It was fun to have time to sit and talk with Nana and Papa. I was really blessed in the grandparents department.

While we were there we tried out the new splash park in Skiatook. Nice job Skiatook!

Ronny being Ronny.

A last minute change of plans had us back in our old stomping ground Charlottesville, Virginia for a could of days.

Daddy was working, so the girls and I played. First our favorite old splash park.

Then lunch at our favorite Chipotle!

A romp around the playground at Fashion Square Mall.

Movie time in the hotel.

Next day I decided to take it up a level and take all three girls with me to a fancy salon I had always wanted to try. Word to the wise -- dragging multiple toddlers along with you on a trip to a salon is a really, really, really bad idea. It just hit me that the wise probably don't need that word. They probably already know that. I had to learn it the hard way. I will sum it up with two words: unspeakable humiliation. Another word that comes to mind is misery. Misery and salon really don't go together. Another word that comes to mind is babysitter. I like my haircut though, so I guess that is the silver lining.

Saw some old friends while we were there.

Then on to Richmond where we saw some more friends and had some more splash park fun. (Splash parks have to be one of the best inventions of our time!)

Finally, home sweet home. What greeted me but the first bloom from Saunders in years! Those of you who know Saunders know how special that is. To those of you who don't I will just say he is the most patient and forgiving, dearest houseplant in the whole wide world.

Also a big fat tomato in our garden. Be 'cited!

And back to normal life!


Super Maw Maw said...

Oh, I had NO idea sweet Afton had a FEVER for her performance!! What a little trooper (until all the parents find out - well, they know by now)...and then PONDER on the way to OK. Goodness gracious....you all had your hands FULL!! So glad you are back home to knights, buzz and princesses! Oh, and a blooming Saunders!! WOW!

Travis said...

That sounds busy but exciting all the way 'round!

Meredith said...

I love that normal life involves boys in costume. :) miss you.

Denise said...

Your girls are so precious! I love their faces in their fancy dresses.
Caura had her first recital this week, too (with an eye infection, don't feel bad about the fever). One of the other classes had the same costume as Afton. Also...I think I need those baskets.