Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And we're back...

It has been a full season, a quarter of a year since I last posted so I guess better get right down to it.  Here are the highlights of our last three months...at least the ones we have photographed.

In honor of our new baby and the fact that from time to time some small child will need to be contained around here for at least a couple more years I decided to splurge on a fancy baby gate.  You know one that actually works.  One that doesn't make a toddler throw her head back and laugh at the preposterous notion that it could stop her from doing anything that she set her mind to do.  One that doesn't make me cuss like a motherless sailor everytime I try to use it.  I love my new baby gate.  I never knew one could love a baby gate so much.

Rose continued her habit of taking her naps anywhere but in her bed and anytime but nap time.

Our family (each in his or her own way) endured seven brutal weeks of paralyzing morning sickness.  As you can see it was not pretty.

But Daddy and the girls got pretty good at meal prep while Mommy was on the Disabled List.

We managed to get in a few laps around the lake at Furman.

Our daffodils bloomed.

We got a new kitchen table.

Rosie got pneumonia.

Then the next day Sissy got bronchitis.

So Mommy got lots of snuggles.

K-4 had pajama day.

Sissy blossomed as a ballerina.

Afton attended her first friend birthday party.  Also her first time to Chuck E. Cheese's.  (That she remembers.)

The whole family attended Granny's 90th birthday party in Florida.

We got to meet baby Winnie!

Afton started soccer.

Jelly weekend continued in all its glory.

Baby Winnie got a new bed discontinuing the Babington sister's tradition of sleeping in a recalled crib.

Baby Rose got a new bed too!  Uh oh, Baby Rose is a big girl.


Sweet Afton turned 5!

Rosie Posie turned two! 

Our dryer broke and was fixed but not before the girls and I got to take over an entire section of the local coin laundry for approximately half a day.

The grilled was fired up for new season.

Afton got pretty proficient on her Strider Bike.

Flip flops were purchased in preparation for the partying of summer that is about to ensue.

And our cups overflowed with precious moments like this.

Whew!  And we're back...


Meredith said...

I'm so glad you're back! I've missed the updates on life at the Babington house! and your daughters just get more and more adorable!

Ashley Raven said...

I absolutely loved the update! I feel like I was there....kind of. And those illness pictures are the saddest things I've ever seen! Poor things. Miss you all!