Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Story - 5.5.11

There are times when life is really hard. Either annoying hard or really heartbreaking hard. Then there are times in life when the garden is planted, the baby's feeling better, spirits are high, loved ones are all around and life, while maybe not exactly easy, certainly leaves you with a smile on your face. We are fortunate to be in one of those times right now. Humbled by all my undeserved blessings and grateful for God's kind hand in my life through both good times and bad and enjoying the fact that He has seen fit to let the good times come to stay with us for a little while this Spring...

That was Ron's word in WWF. I will never have a word like that even in the best of times. Even in Heaven if WWF is in Heaven which of course it will be. But since he texted it to me and the picture was on my phone and I decided to live vicariously through him and post it on by blog about the good times rolling.

If instead of good times, sorrow like sea billows are rolling for you, take heart. Be strong and courageous. Now is not forever. You are not alone.

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