Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Special Babies ~ Our Story

Rose is no longer content with her sippy cup during our little afternoon tea time. She insists on a teacup of her own just like the big girls.

We had a good purge!

Sissy met Missionary, an old family friend, at our yard sale. Not sure how he ended up out there. He is definitely NOT for sale!

Later that day was Sissy's third birthday party!

Baby Sissy is three?

A new playmate! "Mommy, Rose can walk and kind of talk! She's a kid. She's still our special baby though!"

Our special baby LOVED her first library story time!

After a particularly tough day with Sissy I found this special baby in her bed so well loved and sweetly cared for. She's a pistol, but goodness, she has a sweet, sweet heart.

Love their faces. They are all still my special babies!

"Our whole family...forcept Cattie!"

Rose's special baby.

I never tire of a good baby sleeping shot!

UPDATE: Afton completed her thumb sucking chart! "Mrs. Teapot" was her reward. "I promise to always share her, Mommy." She makes me so proud. I don't deserve her.

Winnie the Pooh and ice cream date. The first of what I hope will be many girls days out for me and my special babies!

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Super Maw Maw said...

I truly truly love this precious family.