Thursday, July 7, 2011

These Little Feet Are Keeping Us All On Our Toes - Our Story

Lunch with cousins.

It's not exactly the Sandals Resort of my dreams, but it will do for now. Yes, my toenails need attention.

Chubby baby feet in brand new shoes. These chubby baby feet have been carrying baby to all sorts of places she need not be. They take her up all of the steep wooden stairs in a matter of seconds with no thought to an exit strategy once she gets there. They take her several times a day to the toilet for a little splash time. They take her from one date with mischief to another. When I notice she is out of my sight I have developed a habit of making big eyes and saying urgently "Where's Rose!" I realized this because my other girls have started doing it too. These little feet are keeping us all on our toes!

The first time Ponder rode in a shopping cart was at Sam's Club when she was about five months old. Ron snapped a picture of it with his phone and that picture of Baby Sissy barely able to sit up in the cart and one and half year old Afton proudly beaming beside her was his background for the entire time he had that phone. He started a tradition for a while of taking their picture in the cart again every time he took them to Sam's. It was fun to look at the pictures all in a row and see how they had grown. Once he got rid of that phone that tradition fizzled. Last weekend though we decided to do an update picture in a Sam's cart. We've come a long way, baby.

The orginal picture of Sissy and Afton never made it off the phone. I hate that, but it lives vividly in my mind. Afton was wearing a cotton white shirt with a frilly collar. She looked so excited to have her sister sitting next to her. Ponder was wearing jammies from a consignment sale that were adorably early 90s. She was looking nervous and wobbly and utterly precious. Here are those same two babies about two and a half years later.

Impromptu swim time = hilariously giant diaper!

Afton loves to strike a pose.

Pool noodle baseball? Why not!



She carried that thing around the picnic site like it was the pearl of great price. She was very serious about it.

I went on a blind date with a boy who looked just like this about 9 years ago. I would say it went well.

Better luck next time attic! I guess we showed you who is boss! (Well, this is kinda deceiving because most of the stuff we took out of there is still sitting on our guest room bed. Won't be after our monster garage sale on Saturday though!)

My girls have a good daddy.

My shopping cart on the Fourth of July looked so decidedly American that I felt it needed to be photographed.

Also looking decidedly American!

Happy Birthday America!

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