Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Old Friends Celebrating New Beginnings -- Our Story

The night before our big trip to Oklahoma for Muffin's wedding "the cousins" as they are called around here stopped by for a little while after dinner. I guess all the wedding talk had the girls hankering for weddings of their own so we had several impromptu backyard weddings that night.

First Ben and Afton...

Then Sissy and Sam...

Caroline and Uncle Ron...

And then Jack and Rose...yeah Jack and Rose just like Titanic and my goodness this picture is too precious. I love it so much I might marry it.

Hello again, dear old hometown. Oh, my that's a little much don't you think?

Stuffing little faces at Nana's house. "Mommy can you make all this?" Not like Nana can, baby. Not like Nana can.

Old friends celebrating new beginnings...

My beautiful friend on her big day...

I would never ask a bride about to walk down the aisle to stand up after she was comfortably seated -- not even so I don't look like a jolly giant in our newest BFF photos. These pictures are pretty silly looking, but not even close to the silliest ones we have together.

The Mansion was beautiful. I think we all look like we are on Clue in this picture. No, I'm not sad or sick, just super nervous about the speech I am about to give.

Two of the sweetest gifts God ever gave me...

Party time! I think the 90s dance mix was a hit. I know I had fun!

And what is an Oklahoma wedding with a little Boot Scootin' Boogie?

Look who just happened to be on our flight to Dallas on the way home! So much fun for the girls! Such a break for Mommy and Daddy!

Good airplane sleepers!

Home again! Home again!

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