Thursday, August 25, 2011

An Annoying Chore Just Got Easier.

I have recently started doing two things that have made my job at home ever so slightly easier. I love little things that can lighten or add joy to the workload so I thought I would share:

First, I moved the girls toothbrushes to the kitchen. I made a little station for them in the cabinet near the sink. Now we can easily pull a chair right over there and do the needful. I don't know why having the toothbrushes in the kitchen makes getting the girls teeth brushed regularly SO MUCH easier, but it does. Maybe it's because we are a lot more likely to be hanging out in the kitchen than in the bathroom and I can just roll it up into the breakfast or goodnight milk process. Anyway, an annoying chore just got easier. I'll raise a glass to that.

Secondly, I started throwing away my to-do list at the end of the week. I never clear my whole to-do list in a week. I don't think I ever have. But now what I don't finish by Saturday goes into the trash. On Monday morning I have a clean slate. Anything that was important from the week before will come to mind and I can add it. But things that only seemed important might be forgotten. Oh well. Oh the freedom! I do what I can in a week and then I throw it away. I think somehow I am actually getting more things done now too. My to-do list feels like the tool it is and not a tyrant or a bully ninny ninny boo booing me about how I can never catch up. And I'll raise a glass to that.

Are there little things you do to make completing yours tasks easier or more enjoyable? Do tell.


Super Maw Maw said...

I don't clean the whole house at one time anymore. I clean the room I am in...while running a bath, the bathroom gets cleaned, etc etc. Everything gets picked up every single night. I HATE waking up in the morning to a mess.

Denise said...

I'm with you with the teethbrushing! We moved the Girls' toothbrushes and paste to the downstairs bathroom and it has made it so much less of a chore.

Laurie said...

I like to write things on the To Do list that I know I can accomplish, like "eat dinner." Then I'm guaranteed to get to cross it off! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Well I feel like this is going to sound really lame but my incredible husband starting cutting pancakes with a pizza cutter years ago and I cannot TELL you how much easier it makes those mornings :) Random I know, and I'm sure I could offer another tidbit but seriously, I love this one!