Thursday, August 18, 2011

Such Is Life ~ Our Story

I told you coffee stations make me happy. Well, this one makes me the happiest of all. Why? Because it is in my bedroom. Yes, it is right on top of my dresser.

A little eccentric I know, but this is something I have been concocting in my head for a while. Now I can very literally wake up and smell the coffee. Waking up to the sound and smell of coffee brewing instead of an alarm or a child screaming for juice or breakfast is maddeningly pleasant. I can enjoy a cup of joe and have my little quiet time right in my room before anyone even suspects that I am awake. The whole family is happier for it. Trust me.

And here are the rest of my little favorite things that make me happy:

(When I posted this last picture on Facebook a couple of people "busted" Afton for sucking her thumb. Yes, we have had some regression, but such is life. We are still working on it. Truth be told we are still working on a lot of things. But then again, such is life.)

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Everything Homemade said...

GREAT idea...totally going to ask jay is we can do it in our room too! somehow my little ones can sense as soon as i leave my bedroom, maybe the smell of coffee coming from the kitchen wakes them up too. coffee, bed, quiet time possibly uninterrupted. sounds divine!