Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It Will Not Always Be So ~ Our Story

 This week's Our Story is dedicated to things that won't aways be as they are now.

Newspapers won't always lay a trail for me to find my way from my kitchen to the living room.  They often do nowadays and uncooly I often find it bothersome until by grace I remember that it will not always be so and then I can see just how precious these little paths really are.

Envelopes looking just like this one have been adding joy to our mailbox trips for more than six years now.  Soon Netflix envelopes will change. I am not as sentimental as I was when I was younger but if you think I didn't save this envelope in my attic to remember the good old days you don't know me well at all.

My children won't always eagerly bring me  handfulls of dead leaves as if they were flowers and insist that I display them prominently in our home, but I do pray that they will always find a similar delight in simple, predictable pleasures like the changing of the seasons.

 Rose is a year and a half old now.  By the time her sisters were her age one was already a big sister and the other was only weeks away from becoming one.  They were big, big girls.  No one around here is ready for "our special baby" to become a big girl yet.  She has got four people living here who are more than happy to baby baby baby her.  But even that is not keeping her a baby.  She is growing up before our eyes whether any of us want to admit it or not.  Baby Rose won't always be a baby, but she is our baby and that is something that won't ever change.


Ashley Raven said...

I love the leaves! That is so precious. And Rosie Posie looks gorgeous in those photos. She WILL always be a baby!

Super Maw Maw said...

Precious Rose Posie Puddin and Pie!