Tuesday, September 13, 2011

But It's Not Today ~ Our Story

Now that Afton goes to school and Rose is getting big enough to have some fun we have a burgeoning set of besties around here.

Priceless little faces.

The commute to school has been problematic in regard to Rose's nap.  She snoozes in the car and then when it is actually nap time she is ready to party.  If someone had told me ahead of time that this was how my baby would be spending the precious nap time hours I would have burst into tears.  But actually she makes good company and I don't mind at all.  First half hour or so she chills on the couch and watches Praise Baby.

She spends the next hour and a half getting into one-year-old mischief wherever she can find it!  I have gone soft, but being a softy is kinda fun!

My adorable little school girl!

We went to Florida for a wedding this weekend.  Florida's not too shabby.  Marry someone from Florida and trips home can look like this!

The original Babington Besties.  May this be the first of many coffee dates for these little friends.

On the drive back from Florida I downloaded Instagram.  I can't stop myself now!

Rose's first "blood nose."  She's a bruiser.

Our new water bottles.  (Just another excuse to use Instagram.  I need help.)

It is fun watching this little friendship blossom!

I am sure a day will come when I don't want to take of picture of her every single day before school, but it's not today and I don't think it is anytime soon.


mamakyker said...

Especially not while she's still wearing a new unicorn dress each day.

Laurie said...

There may come a day when she doesn't want to pose for a picture every single morning before school, but it's not today and judging from that smile, it's not anytime soon! ;o)

Super Maw Maw said...

I love them.