Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Normal But Normal Just The Same ~ Our Story

I love how when big changes come into life (in our case recently Afton starting school) and disrupt your normal, they inevitable leave a new normal in its place.  I love how eventually the new normal starts to feel so normal that it is hard to believe it was ever new at all.  We had a pretty normal week.  New normal but normal just the same.

Long, but fun commute to school.

After school "activities".  Call anything an activity and my kids will LOVE it.

Ballet.  Even more fun when it is Bring A Friend Day!  The most fun of all when the friend you bring is your cousin!

Just another coffee set up tweak.  Definitely a part of all my normal weeks lately.

A little silly sister time.

Pretty little faces.

Princess time.

Napping in the car.

Party time!

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Ashley Raven said...

Man I miss those adorable faces! The photographs are gorgeous Jenny Lynn. Love keeping up with your girls this way!