Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Even The Kittens Look Like They Are In College ~ Our Story

Well, I have fallen behind again so here we go with another whirlwind catch up!

New kittens were born beside my bed.

A new phone was delivered to my door.

Nothing new here.  Just a couple of old friends.

The kittens are getting bigger everyday.

It's looking more and more like fall everyday too.

Had some birthday party fun!

Then some Chipotle picnic fun.  That's a combo we should have come up with a long time ago!

My daughters are huge.  They look like they are in college.  What is going on here?

We Fell For Greenville.  How could we help ourselves?

See, they look like they are a million years old!

A Grand TV Room Ball!

Fun with Maw Maw!

Looks like Rose had a little too much fun!

Sunday snuggles!

Outside snuggles.

Even the kittens look like they are in college!

Afton and Ponder have a new ride.  Rose is still content with the old one that no longer actually moves.

Daddy ran his race and now he is home.  Afton wants to be bike racer like Daddy.  Daddy is a popular guy around here!

Maw Maw and these new princesses are also quite popular!

Pretty little snackers on a pretty fall day!

Princess Rose-a-Pose.  She reigns supreme around here.  At least she tries to as best she can.

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Super Maw Maw said...

They ARE all in college. They are growing SO SO FAST!!!!!!! Miss them so much already!