Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Think You Can See Why ~ Our Story

How cute are all these See Ya At the Polers?  Even cuter is that that morning Afton woke up early and was so excited to tell me, "Mommy, today we are all meeting at the North Pole!" (She's the third one from the left on the front row.)

I love these little feet!

Sweet little friends!

We must have a car nap shot every week because sleeping babies are so adorable they must be photographed.

Such a pretty big girl!

Afton and Ponder in their secret garden.

Muffin and Pizza came for a visit and put on quite the ballet show on the deck!

The Cozy Coupe has never been this fun.  Thanks Pizza!

Sissy loves going to the doctor.  What a silly billy!  I love her happy face here.

Heart melting.

Even Cheerios can't stop Rose from car napping.  Just means her tummy is nice and full for her little siesta!

I am dressing Rose as a Mad Scientist for Halloween.  I think you can see why.  With that kind of raw material I think it would be wrong not to!

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