Monday, November 28, 2011

Look, eleven blocks! ~ Our Story

Okay, so I am far behind again and since the last post we have had some serious events like a Mommy and Sissy trip to Oklahoma, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and actually lots of other crazy stuff too.  There is no possible way I can do a catch up post.  So, I am going to do a bunch of catch up posts.  All my pics are off of my phone and ready to be posted.  I will do one story a day until I am caught up.  Here goes:

Sissy built this while Afton was at school one day and asked me to take a picture of it so she could show Afton.  She misses Afton a lot during school.  We do a little homeschool together on Tuesdays and she loves it!  She wants to save the papers that she does each day to show Afton when she gets home.  It has been so fascinating seeing the way her mind works.  She thinks very differently then I do.  Her mind is drawn to numbers.  If she's a picture of something her first instinct is to count how many there are.  I think she may have a brilliant little science and math mind in there.

I look at this picture and think what an adorable little girl.  Sissy would probably say, "Look, eleven blocks!"  It is so beautiful how God makes everything so different even our individuals minds.

Sissy is a special little gift to our family and we ALL love her dearly!

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