Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Has There Ever Been A Sweeter Travel Buddy?

Ponder and I went on a trip to visit Nana in Oklahoma last month.  Both of the other girls had been on trips with just Mommy but this was Sissy's first time.  She was very excited and feeling very big with her plane bag ready to go.  She packed it herself.

Has there ever been a sweet travel buddy?

She had lots of fun on the plane mostly playing letter games on my iPad or "thing that looks like a phone but it's not called a phone and it is big."

Nana had her special baggy of toys ready and waiting when we got there.

Sissy even got to try rollers in her hair for the first time while Nana and Mommy watched the OU game.

Lots of other fun things happened like some garage sale shopping,  a little Kohl's time,  a yummy Mexican lunch out by Nana's request, some Muffin and Pizza time (the people not the foods)  and the Cardinals winning the World Series!  But sadly none of those moments were captured.

Ponder is fun to travel with and I hope this was just the first of many more Mommy and Sissy trips!

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